Walkers Grove Rules
Association Warnings & Violations
Walkers Grove Subdivision Home Owners Association's agent or Property Management company inspects the property for compliance to the association rules. 

The first two infractions of any rule warrant a reminder letter that are sent to homeowners via U.S. Mail. The third violation of a rule dictates that a fine be assessed, as are all subsequent violations.

Owners may challenge the warnings/fines before the Association. 

The Property Manager will issue warnings/citations based on these infractions:
1. Unsafe property condition 
2. Unsightly/unapproved improvements 
3. Unsightly property maintenance 
4. Unsightly property condition 
5. Operating a business in the neighborhood. (Note: home offices are allowed, as is a single, company-marked vehicel per resident in the home.) (Note: Home marketing parties (jewelry parties, tupperware etc.) are allowed as long as employees don't park/stage equipment in the neighborhood or perform production-work in the residences.)
6. Parking vehicles on grass or across sidewalks
7. Long grass or overgrown/damaged landscaping.
8. Storage of recreation vehicles outside garage beyond a  48hour maintenance interval
9. Unsightly outdoor storage of household items
10.  Garbage cans or recycling/landscape containers stored outside, or, brought to curb earlier than 3PM Wednesday or removed 6PM on Friday. 
11. Excessive gardens and water features (i.e. plastic-sheathed greenhouses, weed-entangled wire fences, moldy water etc.)
12. Loud noise and light emanating onto neighbor’s property (i.e. annoying pool pumps, basketball lighting etc.)
13. Grossly-unshovelled sidewalk (i.e. sidewalks which  force members to walk in street.)
14. Weighting of basketball hoop bases (with anything other than neatly-stacked, non-torn, black sand bags.)
15. Other violations as witnessed by inspector

Village of Plainfield Code Enforcement:

Members may also call Village Code enforcement and a police officer will inspect Walker's Grove  properties for municipal code compliance.  More information can be found at
or by calling (815) 436-6544. 

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Rules & Regulations

Homeowner’s Association
Rules & Regulations


These Rules & Regulations have been prepared with the intent of maintaining the Walker’s Grove property as a first-class Association. The Rules & Regulations of the Association are intended to establish and define the rights and expectations of owners, tenants, family members and guests. The intent of the Board is not to restrict owners, but to guarantee safety, enhance property value, and insure a pleasant living environment for each resident. It is in this spirit that the Association Board has implemented the following Rules & Regulations, in the belief that they reflect the requirements of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the Association’s By-Laws and the will of the majority of residents.

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, being a proper majority of the Board of The Walker’s Grove Subdivision Homeowners’ Association.

WHEREAS, the Association is governed by provisions of the Illinois General Not for Profit Corporation Act, Illinois Condominium Act (765 ILCS 605/) and the Association's Declaration; and

WHEREAS, the Board, in accordance with the Association's Declaration, has the authority to adopt and amend rules and regulations the Board may deem advisable covering the details of the operation, use, maintenance, conservation and beautification of the property and for the health, comfort, safety and general welfare of the owners and occupants of the property; and

WHEREAS, the Board is adopting comprehensive Rules and Regulations pursuant to authority vested in the Board; and

NOW THEREFORE, in furtherance of the above stated determinations, objectives and goals, the Board, by resolution, does hereby adopt the following comprehensive Rules and Regulations and procedures for the enforcement thereof:




A successful Association is a community of owners who exhibit pride of home ownership and share a common vision as to what constitutes a desirable neighborhood. These Rules & Regulations have been adopted with the intent of maintaining our community as a first-class association and providing residents with common sense guidelines for living together as neighbors.

Membership in the Walker’s Grove Subdivision Homeowners Association is mandatory and results with property ownership. Each property buyer within Walker’s Grove Subdivision is bound by the governing documents of the Association that include the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions as well as the Association By-Laws. Homeowners who oppose a particular rule or regulation are asked to keep the following points in mind:

Living in an Association means one must adhere to certain rules and regulations due to the demands of the Declarations of Covenant and Restrictions and By-Laws which exist for the common benefit of our community and help to maintain our property values.

If you are found in violation and are fined, remember this action is taken because the majority of homeowners in Walker’s Grove Subdivision consider the offense to be unjust and improper.

Requests for rules changes can be made in writing through the Property Manager or directly to the Board. The Board on at least an annual basis will consider all requests for changes in good faith. The decision of the Board is based on By-Law procedural voting and is considered final.

Effective Rules and Regulations require the cooperation of all residents of the Association. The best approach to resolving a difference with a neighbor is to talk to your neighbor directly. However, should this not resolve the problem, an official complaint can be filed with the Management Office. Each resident’s cooperation and participation is encouraged. This is your Association and these are your rules. 



The following Rules & Regulations flow from the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions. It is not the intent of these Rules and Regulations to be a substitute for the Declarations or By-Laws.

To the extent that the provisions of applicable law (federal, state, or local), the Declarations, By-Laws or the Rules & Regulations are in conflict, the provisions of applicable law shall first control followed by the provisions of the Declarations, the By-Laws, and the Rules & Regulations, in that order. The most restrictive provision will prevail.

These Rules & Regulations are binding on all Home Owners, Residents, Tenants, their Families and Guests. The Home Owner is responsible for communicating the Rules & Regulations to occupants and guests and will be liable for fines incurred and/or damages caused by occupants and guests. The provisions of these Rules and Regulations can only be amended by vote of the Board of Directors in an open meeting following notice to the community of a pending change and allowing for a minimum 30 days for public comment.

Architectural Review – Plans for any modification to the exterior of any home to include additions, decks, fences, driveways, pools, ponds, fountains, sheds, flagpoles, major landscaping, permanent statuary, etc., must be submitted to the Management Company and approved by the Architectural Review Committee and Board of Directors prior commencement.
Failure to do so will result in fines and legal action to restore your property to compliance within the requirements of the Association’s Declarations of Covenants & Restrictions and Rules & Regulations.. 



Association: Refers to Walker’s Grove Subdivision Homeowners Association.

Assessments: The amount due from each owner annually to fund the expenses incurred by the Association to maintain common areas and comply with laws governing Illinois non-profit associations.

Board of Directors: Consists of homeowners elected by Walker’s Grove residents who serve voluntary, unpaid terms and are responsible for the direction and administration of the Walker’s Grove Subdivision Homeowners Association. Each member of the Board must be an owner and must reside on the property.

By-Laws: Contains regulations for the administration and management of the Association. It is recorded along with the C&Rs with Will County against all properties within Walker’s Grove Subdivision.

C&Rs or Declaration: Abbreviation which refers to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions that has been recorded with Will County against all properties within Walker’s Grove Subdivision. The legal document that creates the plan for the Association provides for restriction of owner’s rights, deed covenants / restrictions. It sets up the owners/association relationship and binds property owners both present and future.

Common Area: Includes the berms surrounding the properties, entranceways and parkways, monuments and certain open areas within the properties and the pond.

Property Manager/Management Company: A professional hired by the Board of directors to manage the day-to-day affairs of the Association. See www.walkers-grove.com for the current property manager name and address.

Properties: All real property, common and private, within the Walker’s Grove Subdivision Homeowner Association as defined in the C&R. 



A. Grandfather Clause
All existing structural infractions that are not in compliance with the Association’s originating Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions at the time of the Rules & Regulations implementation will be considered a violation and subject to immediate remedy by homeowner.

All existing structural infractions that are in compliance with the Association’s originating Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions but which become a violation at the time of the new Rules & Regulations implementation will not be considered a violation, but must be remedied upon property sale to new owner or upon end of the offending structure’s useful life.

B. Noise
No member, family member, guest or tenant may make or allow to be made, any loud, unnecessary or unusual noise which annoys or disturbs the comfort, convenience, peace or safety of others within Walker’s Grove Subdivision.

C. Nuisance
There shall not be maintained on any lot any plants or animals or device or thing whose activities or existence in any way is noxious, dangerous, unsightly, unpleasant, or of a nature as may diminish or destroy the enjoyment of the properties; nor shall any item be kept that emits foul or obnoxious odors that disturbs the peace, safety or comfort of the occupants of surrounding properties.

D. Walker’ Grove Pond
The Walker’s Grove Pond is for aesthetic purposes only. No swimming, boating, ice fishing or ice skating is allowed on the pond. Fishing from the shore and use of the grass common areas is allowed. The Association shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to any person or property arising out of any authorized or unauthorized use. No dumping/discharge of any substance is allowed into the pond. No pumping of water is allowed from the pond.

E. Architectural Review Application
Any and all alterations to the exterior of your home and property, including but not limited to: major landscaping, patios/decks, fences, sheds, hot tubs, room additions, sun rooms, screened porches, siding color changes, roofing color changes and swimming pools must be approved by the Architectural Review Application prior to the commencement of each project.

F. Vandalism
Any acts of vandalism to common areas should first be reported to the Plainfield Police Department and then to the Property Manager so that the necessary repairs may be completed.
Charges incurred to repair damages made by a homeowner, tenant, family member or guest will be billed to the Home Owner.

G. Non-resident homeowners
All homeowners who do not reside in their unit must provide to the Management Company within 10 days of departure, their new permanent residence contact information. Any expense incurred in locating the owner will be charged to the homeowner’s account.
No home owner may lease less than the entire unit, nor may the home be leased for transient or hotel purposes. Each lease must be for a term not less than 30 days and a copy of any newly signed lease must be sent to the Management within 10 days of lease inception.
The Board may proceed directly against a tenant, at law or in equity, for any breach by tenant(s) of the Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions, By-Laws or Rules & Regulations.
Each homeowner will be responsible for providing tenant with copies of the Declaration of Covenants, By-Laws and Rules and Regulations for Walkers Grove.
Provisions herein that relate to the execution of new leases shall become effective upon the expiration of any lease that is currently in effect. 



1. Sheds: Only one shed is permitted on a lot and may be located in only the back yard. A shed must be positioned a minimum of ten feet from all lot lines, not exceed 150 square feet in floor space, twelve feet in height and shall be in basic architectural harmony with the residence as determined by the Board. Sheds must be maintained for safety and appearance.

2. Fences: Fences must be a minimum of three feet in height to a maximum of five feet in height. Fence pickets must be spaced to not present a ‘stockade’ appearance, must exceed 3/8” in thickness and must have equal picketing on both sides of the rail. A list of allowable fence types is available from the Board. No chain link, stockade, wire mesh, silt or snow fences are allowed. Village rules govern placement of fences and a permit is required. Fences must be maintained for safety and appearance.

3. Decks: Decks must have lattice or fencing completely concealing/barring entry into the underside and must be positioned a minimum of ten feet from all lot lines. Decks must be maintained for safety and appearance.

4. Basketball Hoops: Residents may have either one portable or permanent basketball hoop on their driveway. Hoops may not be located on the street or parkway and must remain upright at all times - weather permitting. Basketball hoops must be maintained for safety and appearance and portable hoops must be properly weighted according to manufacturer’s guidelines without the use additional weights.

5. Lighting & Holiday Decorations: All exterior lights and holiday decorations must be maintained in working order and for safety & appearance. Lighting may not be positioned to directly shine into neighbor’s windows and must comply with Nuisance & Noise requirements. Holiday lights and decorations may be displayed for no more than 45 days prior to the and 45 days after the holiday being observed, but may be extended at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors in response to weather conditions.

6. Flag Poles: One permanent flagpole will be allowed in the front yard only and must be positioned a minimum of ten feet from lot lines. Owners shall not display any flags which are worn or torn or exceed 3’ x 5’ in dimension. Flag poles must be maintained for safety and appearance.

7. Firewood & Firepits: Firewood must be neatly stacked on firewood racks. Firewood racks may only be positioned in the back yard. Fire pits, fireplaces and fixtures must comply with Noise and Nuisance requirements and must be maintained for safety and appearance.

8. Garbage: All trash must be removed from properties weekly. Between scheduled pick-ups, garbage cans, recycle bins, landscape waste bags/containers and other garbage must be stored in your garage, shed or enclosure. Seasonal tree and bush trimmings too large for landscape waste bags may be stored in your rear yard. Garbage, recycle, landscape bags/containers and other garbage may be placed curbside for collection no earlier than 3PM the afternoon before collection day. Emptied containers or rejected garbage (please check with the Village of Plainfield for the current regulations regarding refuse collection) must be removed from curb by 6:00 am on the day following collection. Items placed curbside ‘free for the hauling’ must be marked as such and must be placed/removed under the same timeframes as garbage.

9. Landscaping: Weeds of all kinds are considered a nuisance and no unsightly plant growths are allowed on lots. Dead trees, bushes or shrubs must be removed within 30 days with stumps removed to below ground level. Grass must be cut to shorter than 5” in length and must be maintained for appearance. Owners on extended absences must make arrangements for the continued maintenance of their landscaping and grass yards. No compost piles are allowed in Walker’s Grove.

10.Driveways, Vehicles and Parking: All owners and residents must comply with city ordinances, state laws and all posted or marked traffic signs or symbols. All driveways, driveway expansions, driveway extensions, and parking pads must be a minimum of eight feet from the side lot lines and no parking is allowed on grass or graveled areas. Curbside/street parking is prohibited for any extended time, including overnight. Parked vehicles may not block sidewalks. Street parking of large vehicles or trailers which unduely obstruct driver vision of roadway and sidewalks is prohibited per Plainfield Ordinance Sec 5-178. No inoperable vehicles may be parked on driveway for extended period of time. Any vehicle not displaying a valid license plate must be stored in the garage.  Unless temporary written approval is given by the Board of Directors, no camper, boat, mobile home, recreation vehicle, truck exceeding 8,000 pounds or tractor may be parked, stored or left unattended on any lot except in the garage. Parking of recreation vehicles and boats for a period not to exceed 48 hours, is allowed for maintenance purposes. Residents abusing this rule will be considered on a case by case basis by the Board. No vehicle may be left unattended on jacks or jack stands on driveway. No major mechanical work will be permitted on driveways except for work that can be completed in one day.

11. Businesses within Subdivision: No business which creates additional neighborhood traffic by customers or employees may operate within the neighborhood with the exception of home offices. Only one commercial vehicle from employers may be parked by homeowner on driveway. No commercial trailers/equipment may be stored outside of garage.

12. Pets/Animals: No animals, livestock, poultry or fowl of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any lot, except for dogs, cats or other household pets not exceed more than 2 dogs and 2 cats over 6 months old per household. All animal excrement on common or private grounds shall be picked up immediately by the individual attending the pet and be properly disposed of. No dog kennels or runs are allowed. Pets must be kept on a leash when not on own lot. All animals must be within visual or audible control of the owner or his/her guests while on lots.
Any dog, cat or other animal found running at large shall be deemed a public nuisance. Animals also shall be considered a public nuisance if while outside of the home they make noise or disturb another resident for an unreasonable length of time.

13. Gardens: Vegetable/Herb Gardens must comprise no more than 500 total square feet and may not be located in front or side yards. Items grown must be less than 5 feet tall and must be solely for the enjoyment and use of the owner. Selling of produce within the Association is prohibited. No chicken/rabbit wire, wire mesh, silt or snow fencing is allowed around gardens. Weeds must be trimmed along fences. Sheet plastic-clad greenhouses are not allowed.

14. Generators & On-Site Fuel Storage: Natural gas powered generators supplied by home natural gas piping are allowed for permanent installation with Board approval and village building permit. They are allowed to run during power outages and for 30 minutes monthly to recharge batteries, subject to Village noise ordinances and Association Noise and Nuisance restrictions. They must be positioned a minimum of 10’ from all lot lines and be in architectural harmony with residence.  Portable generator use is allowed during power outages and up to ten gallons of fuel or propane may be stored in portable fuel containers at each home. No fuel container or portable generator may be kept outdoors except during the time a tool or equipment is being used

15. Play Equipment: No play, practice or exercise equipment maybe placed in the front or side yard. Play, practice and exercise equipment must be maintained for appearance and safety.

16. Ponds, Pools and Water Features: Water features, ponds and pools on lots must be maintained for water quality and noise per Noise and Nuisance restrictions and be positioned a minimum of 10’ from all property lines. 

17. Signs: No permanent sign of any kind may be erected within Walker’s Grove without the written consent of the Board of Directors. Signs are not allowed on common areas. Signs, flags, banners or similar items advertising merchandise, business services, or providing directional information to activities / events outside of Walker’s Grove Subdivision are expressly prohibited on both private property and common areas. Real estate signs are limited to one standard ‘realtor’ or private ‘for sale by owner’ sign per home placed on the front lawn only.
Special occasion signs such as Birthdays, Birth, etc. supplied by a sign rental company may be displayed for no longer than one week and must be installed for safety and appearance.
Political signs may be displayed on private property only and may not be installed sooner that 60 days prior an upcoming election and must be removed within 6 days following the election. The sign must not be placed in any public right of way and must also conform to the guidelines set by the Village of Plainfield. Garage sale signs are limited to one per home and must conform to the guidelines set by the Village of Plainfield.

18. Yard Decorations: Exterior sculptures, fountains and similar semi-permanent items must not exceed 3 feet in height or 3 feet in diameter. Yard accessories (i.e. seasonal fencing, decorations, rain barrels etc.) must not be unsightly and must be in architectural harmony/color with residence.

19. Clotheslines: No laundry may be placed around the exterior of any home on clotheslines.

20. Air Conditioners/Fans: Window-mounted air conditioners and fans are prohibited.

21. Window Coverings: No sheets, newspapers or bedspreads may be used as window coverings within home. 



In the event of any Rules & Regulations, Architectural Guidelines, Declaration or By-Laws violation, the Board of Directors reserves the right to pursue all legal and equitable remedies to compel enforcement. Any and all costs and attorney’s fees shall be assessed to the offending owner’s account. The Board is granted discretion to deviate from the fine schedule as it deems necessary depending on the circumstances of a particular violation. The remedies described herein are not exclusive.

Written Warnings & Violation Notices Procedure:
Written Warnings and Violation Notices are issued by the Management Company to registered homeowner for the actions of family members, tenants, guests and pets allegedly committing the violation, in the following manner: 

Telephone Complaint: Violators may be reported by calling the Management Company with: a) the name, address and phone number of the complaining witness (which will be kept confidential), b) property address where the violation occurred, c) the specific details or description of the violation including date, time, and location where it was alleged to have occurred. The Management Company, if in the soonest practical subsequent property visit to verify the violation, does not witness the violation, will request the homeowner communicate the information in writing for the Management Company to pursue the violation.

Written Warnings for the first alleged offense of a particular rule will be sent by U.S. postal service regular mail to the owner of record. The notice will be considered properly delivered if not returned to sender. The warning will include specifics of the alleged violations as well as steps that must be taken to rectify the situation as well as consequences for subsequent violation of the rule. Request for a hearing to protest the written warning must be made in writing within 10 business days after receipt of the Written Warning.

Notice of Violations will be sent by U.S. Postal Service certified mail to the owner of record for subsequent violations or lack of compliance of the same rule.The notice will include the specifics of the alleged violation along with the fine amount to be remitted.

Hearings will be scheduled by the Management Company for the soonest practical Board Meeting and the citee will be telephonically provided the hearing date, time and location. Hearings will proceed with or without the presence of the accused owner. The complaining witness does not need to be present. The decision of the Board shall be binding upon all parties.

Fines will be assessed as follows:
a) first offense of a rule - Written Warning
b) second and subsequent offenses of the rule - $50.00 fine
c) fines of a continuing nature - $50.00/day fine
d) failure to submit Architectural Review Application - $50/occurrence
e) projects not in compliance with Architectural Review Approval - $50/day

Liens may be pursued by Board on unpaid accounts of $500 – excluding foreclosure.

Eviction - Forcible Entry and Detainer - may be pursued by Board on unpaid accounts of $1000 or more – excluding foreclosure. 


Annual assessments are billed in December and are due January 1st. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay the invoice on time and contact the Property Management Company if the assessment is not received in one’s mail. A late charge of $50 will be added to invoices 60 days past due and an additional second invoice will be mailed to delinquent homeowners.
Homeowners have the right to request in writing to the Management Company a Board hearing to protest any charges, fees or assessments. The owner will be given telephonic notice informing of the time and place of the next practical Board Meeting to hear the protest. All hearings will proceed with or without the presence of the owner. The decision of the Board shall be final. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reduce/eliminate late charges for special circumstances. Special assessments may be billed as directed by the Board of Directors in accordance with the Association’s By-Laws, Declarations & Covenants and Rules & Regulations. 


Prior to any property transfer or refinancing for a Walker’s Grove home, the seller, their attorney or agent may request a ‘Paid Assessment Letter’ from the Management Company’s ‘Closing Department’ as well as any other documentation required by lenders to complete the transaction. There is a fee to prepare such paperwork which needs to be paid to the Management Company in advance or have billed to one’s closing settlement statement. 


The Board of Directors has adopted these Rules and Regulations in the belief that they reflect the requirements of the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, the Association’s By-Laws and the will of the majority of residents. Requests for changes can be made in writing through the Property Manger or directly to the Board. The Board, on at least an annual basis, will consider all requests for changes in good faith. 


Informal copies of the Rules and Regulations, Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, By-Laws and other forms used by the Association are available at no cost through the Association’s web site, www.walkers-grove.com. Hard copies or formal copies required for legal matters may be purchased from the Management Company.



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